Design afficionados will love it… because our new LED-series RIDE impresses with its minimal dimensions of 3.5x3.5cm and therefor is one of the slimmest profile system on the market.. Special: Because of an integrated mini-converter Ride secures  continous light output even at lengths of up to 15m.

The LED-system covers a rich variety of products which meets all the different needs.

All detailed information about RIDE you will find in our product-folder. here

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New folder

NEW! Our new product folder STRIPES, OFFICE, VOLARE and RIDE are visible for you online. here

Molto Luce catalogue 15/16

Our new catalogue Molto Luce collection issue 15/16 reflects the full range of all our lighting products. Clearly presented with all the essential Details and a kit if wonderful light impressions. Have a look. Click…

Energy Efficiency Labels

According to the new EU-regluation (874/2012) we provide the EE-labels for all products made by Molto Luce. You can easily download the necessary labels. Therefore please visit our B2B-Webshop.
B2B-Webshop for EE-Labeling