A short view back...

1981: Molto Luce foundation by Fritz Eiber
Status: 1 employee, 100 m² sales area
1982: Molto Luce´s first participation in a fair
1983: Relocation to the new company location in Linzer Straße 260
Status: 5 employees, 250 m² sales area
1985: Molto Luce wins the big tendering for the main square lighting of the city of Wels; Molto Luce is consigned with its first exclusive distributions for Austria: Egoluce, Lamberti, Agusti, Pragma, Davinci…
1986: Relocation to the new head office in Europastraße 45
Status: 17 employees, 800 m² sales area, 150 m² offices
1989: Building enlargement  and opening of the associated restaurant „Il Campanile“
Transformation of the company´s legal form into a limited company
Status: 70 employees, 1,200 m² sales area, 400 m² offices
1991: Molto Luce opens the branch in Vienna; first Molto Luce housefair;
Status allover: 83 employees, 2,150 m² sales area, 750 m² offices
1998: With the first Molto Luce brand "Dado" Molto Luce starts the own development of products
1999: Molto Luce forces the export to other European countries. Molto Luce presents its products on the big international exhibitions Euroluce Milano and Light+Building in Frankfurt from now on.
2001: Enlargement of the stock at the head office location in Wels
2002: Molto Luce builds a  2,000 m² big production in Weißkirchen [Austria] and starts the own production of lightings.
Status allover: 100 employees, 2,300 m² sales area, 900 m² offices
2006: Molto Luce enlarges the Logistic Center at the head office location in Wels up to 4,000 m²;
Molto Luce celebrates 25 years anniversary
Status allover: 128 Mitarbeiter, 2,300 m² sales area, 1,100 m² offices
2007: Molto Luce enlarges the production area in Weißkirchen up to 5,200 m²
Foundation of a distribution company in Germany and opening of the distribution office in Cologne
2008: Opening of the second distribution office in Germany, located in Nuremberg;
Enlargement of the two Austrian locations in Wels and Vienna;
Design Plus Award for Zita Suspension 600
Status allover: 190 employees, 3,200 m² sales area, 2,000 m² offices, 5,200 m² production area
2010: Opening of a 1,200 m² flagshipstore in Munich
Opening of the Design Zone/Innsbruck
Project start "HotelDesign Werkstatt" in the Gusswerk/Salzburg
Status allover: 190 employees, 4,400 m² showroom, 2,100 m² offices, 5,200 m² production area, 6,300m² stock- and logistic area.
2011: 30 years Molto Luce.
Opening of a new distribution office in Bremen/Germany.
Status allover: 235 employees, 4,400 m² showroom, 2,300 m² offices, 5,200 m² production area, 6,300m² stock- and logistic area.
2012: Building oft he 1,700 m² big logistic centre Weißkirchen III
Enlargement of the LED-Development Unit at the manufactoring plant in Weißkirchen
Design Plus Award for the pendant Balance LED
Status allover: 270 employees, 4,400 m² showroom, 2,700 m² offices, 5,200 m² production area, 8,000m² stock- and logistic area.