LASH - The softness of the blink of an eye.

Lash enchants like a blink of an eye, because the design concept provides an organic looking light object. Due to its gentle curve Lash creates a successful opposite to  simple, linear room’s architecture. Modularity is a very interesting characteristic of Lash. Piece by piece can be assembled in order to get at the end an impressive conglomerate of forms, which creates an additional level through the room. Lash offers innumerable application possibilities, starting from a single  luminaire through to extensive light sculptures perfectly suitable for projects. The main material of Lash is rotomolded polyethylene. High quality endcaps in Dark Chrome additionally improve the luminaire and emphasise the high design demand. Lash is provided with efficient LEDs (CRI>80, 3000K/4650lm, 4000K/5100lm) and is available as suspension luminaire, as well as surface mounted luminaire and additionally as solitare object luminaire.

Design: Serge Cornelissen Bvba