Success through individuality.

Individuality versus standard solutions.

The Molto Luce product range is the „treasure room“ for your projects and design jobs. A successful good design has to be custom-tailored to the specific requirements of the situation, it is never a standard solution. Individuality and adequacy are a must. To realise the best lighting concept a broad and diversified spectrum of solutions is needed – visual and functional variety is imperative – as well as a solid know-how about the fascinating matter of light.

Molto Luce can offer all this. The product range is made of high quality own manufactured products as well as high level lighting collections of the most known international lighting manufacturers. We do cover the technical lighting field for indoor-outdoor employment and also the decorative lighting field.

Good design as benchmark.

The whole portfolio responds to the high design level demand. To meet the market requirements our main target is: At Molto Luce architects, facility or lighting designers will always find the right solution.