With a cross section of just 35x35mm Ride is one of the slimmest linear LED-profile system of these days. Ride is an all-purpose and wide-ranging lighting solution, made of extruded aluminium with anodised or white powder coated finish. Because of the integrated mini-converter Ride secures a continous light emission for lengths of up to 15m. Additionally the junctions facilitate an allover light Distribution.

Ride is a classy light solution, made of extruded aluminium profile with anodised finish as well as white or black powder coated finish and is equipped with high colour rendering energy efficient LEDs. Ride brings about a widespread product variaty which covers most of the popular requirements. Available as wall-/ceiling, recessed or penant luminaire, as single or system luminaire. Versions with flat or cubic diffusor or microprismatic cover can be choosen. Additionally there is an IP54-version available – but only for ceiling mounting. Ride can also be equipped with light inserts for high-performance mini-spots. Design: Inhouse



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