Molto Luce - here you are at home.

These days we live in a world revolutionised by modern information and communication technologies, leading the business independently from location or time. In spite of all we at Molto Luce deem the personal contact to our partners as very, very important. The personal contact is the most important means of communication – even in times of the worldwideweb, the i-phone and the pc. This „sterile“ virtual business world of today still needs human beings for the joy and pleasure in business itself and to achieve a real success.

We have built up our sales-net to be able to stay in close personal contact to our customers and partners. Our head office is situated in Wels, we have a branch in Vienna, a wonderful showroom in Munich and distribution offices in Graz, Cologne, Hamburg and Brescia.

Our production site is placed in Weißkirchen/Wels and is determined by all the perfect quality items that marks a good location.

In the member countries of the European Union but also the bordering countries we are active through our export sales team and our agents.

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